Software Testing Strategy in the Enterprise

The consultancy Deloitte has argued that the one of the reasons that 7 out of 10 IT projects fail is poor test management. Organisations often struggle to attain the desired balance between test coverage and time to delivery.


Testing is about providing an appropriate level of assurance for the risks involved. Instead of striving for perfection or opting for the cheapest option, businesses should find an appropriate balance between time, cost and quality based on the specific risks.

To think strategically about where and how enterprise software testing fits within an enterprise, software testing professionals must address key issues such as ownership, automation, culture, outsourcing, and the roles and responsibilities needed to shape, define and drive this strategic view.

This report has been compiled from the shared experience of 12 organisations from the financial services, media, airline, health, logistics, energy, central government, pharmaceutical, retail, and petrochemical sectors. They represent an annual IT spend of £4.1 billion, employ over 300,000 staff and, collectively, have over 160 years of experience of software testing.

  • Agile allows the business to embrace change, because its approach says change your mind whenever you want.
  • On an Agile project, everyone is supposed to test, not just the testers.
  • Make as much of what you are doing as transparent as possible by making it visible to everybody.
  • Testing relies on the blend between the business view and the IT view.
  • Test metrics important indicator of the effectiveness of a software testing process.

The full report is available online here - free to logged in members of The Forum.

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