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Agile Business   


Agile: Control & Governance in Challenging Environments


- Key Takeways from the recent workshop

Cyber Security & Compliance   


Cyber Security in the Cloud


- Key Takeways from the recent workshop

- Presentation Highlights - Jeremy Newton, Director, Technology Law Alliance


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Jeremy's full presentation is available to members here.

- Presentation Highlights - Michael Humphries, Global Cyber Security Analyst, SThree

  • Your outsourcing the service and not the risk.
  • Do due diligence and make sure you ask your selected vendors all the questions you need answers to.
  • Cloud is not always going to save you money epically at the beginning of your journey.
  • Shadow IT is already in your organisation; imbed in your staff and the PMO process the importance of including IT when selecting a cloud service.
  • Cloud services are not a way for the business to circumvent IT.


How Will You Prepare for GDPR?


- Key Takeways from the recent workshop

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There is less than one year until the GDPR regulations come into force.  The ICO has provided a 12 step guideline.  A lot of these items can be started now. It is available here.

- Presentation Highlights - Jeremy Newton, Director, Technology Law Alliance

- Presentation Highlights - Chris Rivinus, Head of Business Systems, Tullow Oil


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Jeremy's full presentation is available to members here.

Digital Enterprise   


Is your Organisation Prepared for the Digital Revolution?


- Presenters' Key Takeways from the recent leadership forum

Brinley Platts, Director, CIO Development Ltd
  • You have to have backing from the top . You can’t do this at a technical level – it must come down from the board
  • You need to understand where you’re going. That’s not to say you know in great detail the endpoint, but you have to know what stage of transformation you are in
  • You need to understand what’s happening to the marketplace outside of your organisation. You’re going to be developing new competitors – there’s going to be new entrants coming in as your market, traditional organisations are going to be coming in as your market and there’s a race going on. What you have to do is be fast enough to beat your lead competitors. If you can do that, you will be successful

Brinley's full presentation is available to members here.

Ian Bromwich, Acting Digital & Transformation CIO, Lloyds Banking Group

  • Focus on talent, focus on culture, focus on the customer - get these three right and you will be a long way down the road to success
Ian's full presentation is available to members here.

Richard Davies, Group Director, Global Business Services, International SOS
  • Make the digital strategy part of the fabric of the business strategy (don't just add it on the side)
  • Make the product managers central to how the business works
  • Digital starts with technology, but it ends with people; focus on the people, not just the talent, but also on developing the leadership in order to facilitate digital transformation
Richard's full presentation is available to members here.

The Future of Business Intelligence


- Key Takeaways from the recent workshop

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- Presentation Highlights 
- Jon Tanton Brown, Business Intelligence Manager, Monsoon Accessorize

- Presentation Highlights - Mark Woodward, Head of MI & Enterprise Data, National Trust

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Supplier Relationship Management   


Practical Ways to Manage Suppliers Better


- Presentation Highlights - Paul Harffey, IS Strategic Supplier Manager, Syngenta Crop Protection AG

- Presentation Highlights - Phil Sharman, Strategic Supplier Manager, Columbus Programme, CDIO, HM Revenue and Customs

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