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The Corporate IT Forum Mentoring SchemeMentoring Scheme

The Forum is looking for Mentors to support fellow IT professionals. The recruitment of good Mentors is a key to the success of the Mentoring scheme. If you are:

  • Willing to share your personal knowledge and experiences
  • Interested in challenging and helping someone to reach further
  • Interested in meeting IT professionals from different sectors and industries

then please apply to be a Mentor.


Mentoring is a shared opportunity for learning and growth. Many mentors say that the rewards they gain are as substantial as those for their mentees. A little effort goes a long way. Even one to two hours per month of focused contact time with Mentees over six to 12 months can make a large positive difference in those recipients' lives and careers.


IT professionals currently face numerous uncertainties and challenges: the need of doing more with less, reduced headcounts and budgets, demanding projects, work related stress and pressure. The increasing intensity of work may leave little time to reflect on and discuss concerns as they arise.

A bespoke Mentoring scheme can help employees improve reflection skills, give them support for dealing with specific problems, strategies for coping with change or crisis in their professional lives, improve self confidence and give more job satisfaction.

A centrally supported, Forum-led Mentoring scheme has many benefits:

  • Encouraging and motivating individuals to play their part in a first class IT service to the business
  • Ensuring objectivity and confidentiality by providing a mentoring scheme outside the employing organisation
  • Bringing " a fresh light" upon issues and supporting creative thinking
  • Developing a culture of professional support and personal responsibility for career development
  • Releasing leadership potential at every level
  • Creating access to high quality guidance
  • Ensuring equality of access for mentees across different geographical locations and organisations
  • Understanding career issues faced by others
  • Enriching their job and giving a chance to build wider networks
  • Contributing to the IT community, increasing personal satisfaction from seeing others progress
  • Building and developing the mentoring skills needed in any leadership role
  • Getting knowledge and cross generational learning

"Enabling IT practitioners to realise their full professional and leadership potential through mentoring."

Making a Difference

Share your Knowledge and Experience - BE A MENTOR.

The Forum's Mentoring Scheme is looking for Mentors to guide and support other IT professionals. Find out more and apply now.

"The Forum provides relevant information from other members that is timely and useful. My recent experience of the Q and A service has been incredibly valuable in support of our long-term strategic approach to business partnerships."
Service Level Manager, Novae

"The people that you speak to at events face similar challenges to you but maybe they're six months ahead. Their valuable insight will make your journey easier and enable cost savings."
Information Architect, Government Agency

"Just wanted to say thanks; another great day where I have come out with more knowledge than I entered with. I have never not found a day interesting"
IT Support Manager, PR and Marketing Industry

"l really did enjoy the summit. The expertise of attendees, the scope and depth of knowledge was great"
Systems Engineer, Central Government

"[The event] saved us £50,000, which we would have paid a consultant to tell us the same things"
Strategy Manager, Defence and Aerospace Industry

"The workshop validated the marketplace for supplier apps; participants were of a uniformly high standard; personally, I value highly the ethos of The Forum in the fact that it is supplier independent"
Development Officer, Local Government

"I have some key action/discussion points to take back to the business that will save us time and money"
Senior Analyst, Pharmaceutical Industry

"We were interested in developing our service solution and the Forum has helped us, by introducing us to a user of item models"
Project Officer, Charity Trust

"The Corporate IT Forum is a fantastic level check, free of vendor sell and consultancy hype. I like the open sharing of experience"
Head of Global Strategy & Architecture, Defence and Aerospace Industry

"[This is the] first time I've been in a room with so many business analysts, and a great opportunity to compare experiences across the discipline. [The] quality of conversation was also much higher than when on a training course." Business Analyst, Engineering Industry

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