Information Security Service

The Corporate IT Forum's Information Security Service (tISS) was established in 2002, by a group of security professionals who believe in a collaborative approach towards continually strengthening and improving the overall capabilities of information security management systems.

tISS recognises the positive role that Information Security can play in enabling business to develop, expand and operate efficiently as well as the importance of increasing professional skills in terms of information security management and technology.

The agenda is set by the Security Leadership Group ensuring significant topics are dealt with in a timely manner while addressing strategic issues on a continuing basis.

Over the course of 2015 the Service will undertake a number of activities to support the theme of Reducing risk and enhancing security across the organisation.

  1. Improving the security profile of an organisation through the introduction of technical solutions or process change, or the implementation of a strategy to improve the security awareness of users or external customers.
  2. Reinforcing the IT security message: working to deliver business value, innovation in the application of technology, creativity in communicating the security message throughout and beyond the IT function threshold, reducing the business exposure to IT security risk and increasing individual employee confidence and safety.

This activity stream will be supported by physical and virtual presentations, learning and discussion.

tISS's vision

To develop and share information security best practice through bringing together the collective resources available in public and private organisations in a confidential, collaborative and sales-free environment. In doing this tISS believes that:
  • Good information security is essential to supporting good business.
  • There is value in providing a vendor independent and confidential environment, led and directed by the Membership.
  • Working together, sharing collective knowledge and experience that will increase efficiency
  • An increasing need and benefit in public and private sector organisations co-operating with each other.
  • There should be an opportunity for all members to engage in the security debate.
  • Member engagement is the key to its success, as activities are shaped solely by the Membership

Making a Difference

New Members

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"Just wanted to say thanks; another great day where I have come out with more knowledge than I entered with. I have never not found a day interesting"
IT Support Manager, PR and Marketing Industry

"l really did enjoy the summit. The expertise of attendees, the scope and depth of knowledge was great"
Systems Engineer, Central Government

"[The event] saved us £50,000, which we would have paid a consultant to tell us the same things"
Strategy Manager, Defence and Aerospace Industry

"The workshop validated the marketplace for supplier apps; participants were of a uniformly high standard; personally, I value highly the ethos of The Forum in the fact that it is supplier independent"
Development Officer, Local Government

"Really useful day at The Corporate IT Forum - lots to take away and discuss back at work"
Service Manager, Media and Publishing Industry

"Many thanks; [the event was] very good and beneficial"
Supplier Manager, Manufacturing Industry

"The Corporate IT Forum is a fantastic level check, free of vendor sell and consultancy hype. I like the open sharing of experience"
Head of Global Strategy & Architecture, Defence and Aerospace Industry