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27 May 2016
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SharePoint Migration Tools Can you share your experience (good or bad) of using SharePoint migration tools from vendors such as Metalogix or AvePoint either first-hand or through engagement with a consultancy? Applications, Governance, Security/Business Continuity, Technologies

26 May 2016
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Experience of using Microsoft Application Virtualization Does your organisation have experience with Microsoft Application Virtualization (AppV)? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Technologies

17 May 2016
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SFIA Adoption Has your organisation adopted the use of SFIA across a global or Group environment? How successful has this been? Skills and People

12 May 2016
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SAP 3rd Party Support Have you transitioned, or considered moving, your SAP support to a 3rd party provider? Supplier Management/Procurement, Benchmarking

12 May 2016
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Office 2010 to 2016 Upgrade Has your organisation performed an upgrade from Microsoft Office 2010 to 2016? If so, what problems did you encounter? How were these overcome? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure

11 May 2016
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Endpoint Encryption Has your organisation undertaken a comparison between Microsoft Bitlocker and Symantec Endpoint Encryption? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Security/Business Continuity, Supplier Management/Procurement, Technologies

03 May 2016
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Service Level Management How does your organisation deal with Priority 1 and 2 Incidents with a limited resource? Do you set expectations with business colleagues that unless it is a P1 or P2 it will be dealt with on a best endeavours basis or do you do something smarter? Within Severn Trent Water's IT department, they constantly find ourselves dealing with Priority 1 and 2 Incidents and dealing with Priority 3 and below on a best endeavours basis. Operations/Service Management

29 Apr 2016
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Service Level Agreement Templates Do you have a Service Level Agreement template that you could share? Applications, Business Relations, Governance, Operations/Service Management

28 Apr 2016
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Secure Externalised Azure Servers What do you believe is the best practice to secure externalised Azure servers? Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Security/Business Continuity

27 Apr 2016
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Integration / Middleware Product Selection Do you or someone in your organisation have any experience to share around API Gateways/Management and Message oriented Middleware along with other integration components, when looking to augment your integration capabilities to support your move to adopting microservices? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Skills and People, Infrastructure, Technologies

27 Apr 2016
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Password Complexity What approach do you implement around password controls? More specifically, do you use single sign on? What password length do you set? How many passwords do you remember (unable to use again)? How often do you force a change? Do you force complex passwords (with Upper/ Lower / Numbers / Symbols)? Governance, Infrastructure, Security/Business Continuity

21 Apr 2016
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Publishing FIM Externally How does organisation enable customers outside of your corporate network to reset their AD passwords? Have you used Forefront Identity Manager (FIM)? Governance, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Security/Business Continuity, Technologies

20 Apr 2016
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Supporting SalesForce CRM Does your organisation use SalesForce, if so can you recommend what the system support model should be? Are there any lessons you may have learnt from a support and on-going development process perspective that you wouldn't mind sharing? Is there a third party vendor that you can recommend for providing support? Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement

20 Apr 2016
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Using Webchat to Contact Service Desk Does your organisation use Web Chat as a communication into your service desk? How do you manage demand and define the service offering? What impact have you seen on other channels (such as telephony) as a result of introducing Web Chat? Business Relations, Skills and People, Operations/Service Management, Technologies

15 Apr 2016
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Migration to the Cloud When migrating to the Cloud, how would you best approach large scale application remediation? Applications, Infrastructure

15 Apr 2016
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Ransomware Defense Other than the standard user awareness and technical tools AV, offline backups, email filtering, what additional technical or process steps are organisations taking to protect against Ransomware with regards to innovative proactive monitoring & detecting? Security/Business Continuity

11 Apr 2016
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E-Learning Providers Recommendation Are you or someone in your organisation able to recommend e-learning providers for employee learning and development needs including learning assets such as online courseware, video based tutorials, virtual labs, digitised books, virtual webinar sessions and social/ knowledge networking channels? Skills and People, Supplier Management/Procurement

29 Mar 2016
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Best Practice Data Migration How does your organisation approach the migration of large quantities of data? Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Programme Management

23 Mar 2016
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Data Centre - OpsBridge Layout Do you or someone within your organisation have any experience of redesigning your IT Operations Bridge? What problems were faced and what directed you to the desired solutions? Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management

22 Mar 2016
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Modernising Training Does your organisation have any experience (either positive or negative) in the adoption of cutting-edge, technology-driven enhancements to your training offering? More specifically, experience that has been taken from the education sector, for example, using MOOC's (Massive Open On-Line courses) style video content, or flipping the classroom? Applications, Business Relations, Skills and People, Technologies

21 Mar 2016
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Collaboration Tools Do you have experience, good or bad, of running Microsoft Skype for Business and Cisco Jabber (inc WebEx) toolsets along side each other? Applications, Infrastructure

16 Mar 2016
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Benchmarking Third Party Suppliers Wesleyan Assurance would like to understand the measures or KPI’s your organisation have used to benchmark the services offered by a Third Party Systems Integrator. Additionally how would you encourage and measure how a supplier provides “added value” and innovation over and above any contracted services? Supplier Management/Procurement, Benchmarking

15 Mar 2016
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Apple Support Engineers Has your organisation ever recruited Apple engineers? Skills and People, Supplier Management/Procurement, Benchmarking

14 Mar 2016
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Volume of Incidents/Changes Would you be willing to discuss incident/change/problem volumes in your organisation with our Director of IS Operations? Operations/Service Management, Benchmarking

11 Mar 2016
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Employee Salaries/Payments Do you pay your staff a 'base-rate' salary or either an additional salary amount ontop/by the hour (worked/on call), in terms of overtime or on-call payments? Benchmarking

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