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14 Apr 2014
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iManage / Filesite Supplier Can you recommend a good Filesite/iManage Autonomy supplier? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations, Infrastructure, Supplier Management/Procurement

07 Apr 2014
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Smartphone Insurance How do you organise / manage the insurance polices for your company owned smartphones? Infrastructure

07 Apr 2014
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CRM Implementation Has your organisation implemented SalesForce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM (2013)? Architecture/Strategy

04 Apr 2014
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End-Point Management of USB Ports etc. How do you manage USB port access, the use of CD/DVD drives, USB sticks and smartphone connections on your desktop estate? Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Security/Business Continuity, Technologies

04 Apr 2014
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Skybot Job Scheduling Package Does your organisation have any experience of using SkyBot batch scheduler? Applications, Infrastructure

03 Apr 2014
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iPads as Self Service Kiosks Has your organisation deployed iPads to be used as self service kiosks in order to improve communications with front line employees? Business Relations, HR, Infrastructure, Technologies

28 Mar 2014
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Content Management Systems Which Content Management System do you use for your corporate website? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Technologies

26 Mar 2014
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Agile Management of Gartner Seats What policies and processes do you have in place to re-allocate Gartner seats more quickly to meet demand, and not have to procure additional seats or waste existing ones? Architecture/Strategy, Governance, Supplier Management/Procurement

25 Mar 2014
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Collaborative Tools How do you ensure maximum benefits to your business when implementing new collaborative tools? Business Relations, Operations/Service Management

24 Mar 2014
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ServiceNow Knowledge Base Is it possible to integrate custom search engines for ServiceNow Knowledge base? Architecture/Strategy, Operations/Service Management

21 Mar 2014
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Video Hosting Solutions Does your organisation use an external video hosting solution for streaming or downloading video content? Applications, Infrastructure, Technologies

20 Mar 2014
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Strategic Planning Audits Have you ever had an audit carried out on your strategic planning? Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations, Governance, Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement

19 Mar 2014
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IT Security Infrastructure Maturity Assessment Have you carried out a maturity assessment around your IT Security Infrastructure, and if so did you benchmark that assessment against other organisations? Infrastructure, Security/Business Continuity

18 Mar 2014
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Successful Knowledge Management Solutions What KPIs have you found useful when determining the quality, usage and value provided by your Knowledge Management documents and processes? Architecture/Strategy, Operations/Service Management

14 Mar 2014
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Getting Value from Gartner Does your organisation engage with Gartner, if so how do you get value from them? Architecture/Strategy, Governance, HR

14 Mar 2014
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Oracle ERP Performance Management Module Does your organisation use the Oracle 12G Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Performance Management module? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, HR

13 Mar 2014
18 / 183

Service Desk Ticket Closures Are your Service Desk tickets closed by the customer or by the Service Desk operator once completed? HR, Operations/Service Management

12 Mar 2014
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Project Delivery Team Job Titles What job titles do you give to your Senior Project Delivery Team to ensure clarity around their responsibilities? HR, Programme Management

11 Mar 2014
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Allowing Multiple Service Versions Have you adopted a strategy that allows multiple versions of the same web service to be accessible by different clients or applications? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Governance, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Technologies

10 Mar 2014
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Email Archiving Do you have experience of Mimecast, Symantec or any other providers for email and file archiving solutions? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Supplier Management/Procurement

07 Mar 2014
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Patch Management Solutions How is your organisation managing the deployment of software patches (e.g. Adobe, Java, etc)? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Security/Business Continuity, Benchmarking

07 Mar 2014
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Enterprise Architecture and Application Strategy Have you moved your architecture and enterprise strategy from the typical organic growth model to a more strategic one? Applications, Architecture/Strategy

06 Mar 2014
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Oracle 12G ERP Support Services Do you use a third party service to provide functional and / or technical support for your Oracle 12G Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system? Applications, Operations/Service Management, Programme Management, Supplier Management/Procurement, Technologies

05 Mar 2014
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Real IT Skills Framework Would you be interested in developing a Real IT Skills Framework with other Forum members? Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations, Governance, HR

04 Mar 2014
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IT Innovation Service Design How do you effectively innovate within your IT department? Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations, Technologies

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