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22 May 2015
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Self Service Helpdesk Software What self service software does your organisation use as part of its helpdesk support package? Applications, Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement

21 May 2015
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Average Desktop Cost per User Would you be able to anonymously share your average cost per user to deliver a desktop? Architecture/Strategy, Operations/Service Management

15 May 2015
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Electronic Records Management What model has your organisation adopted for the management of electronic records? Architecture/Strategy, Governance, Operations/Service Management

13 May 2015
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BlackBerry 10 Charging Strategies Does your organisation deploy BlackBerrys to its staff and re-charge the costs across the business? Business Relations, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement, Technologies, Benchmarking

12 May 2015
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Implementing Salesforce Does your organisation use SalesForce, if so can you recommend a good implementation partner? Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure

01 May 2015
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SharePoint InfoPath Forms With the planned retirement of Microsoft Infopath forms within SharePoint, what web based forms alternatives are you considering? Applications, Operations/Service Management

22 Apr 2015
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Website Accessibility Standards What resources have you used to guarantee your website(s) meets accessibility standards? Applications, Governance, Technologies

16 Apr 2015
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End-User Monitoring What end-user monitoring solution does your organisation use? Applications, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement, Benchmarking

02 Apr 2015
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Internet Service Providers What Internet Service Provider does your organisation use? Infrastructure, Supplier Management/Procurement

01 Apr 2015
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Public WiFi Networks What personal information do you capture when people request access to your public WiFi network? Governance, Infrastructure

24 Mar 2015
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Corporate Email Encryption on iPhones Do you use an outsourced service provider for corporate email encryption on iPhones? Applications, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Security/Business Continuity, Technologies

23 Mar 2015
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Offshore Services Do you work with any offshore providers, particularly service desk and phone contact support services? Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement

19 Mar 2015
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Financial Forecasting Applications What financial forecasting package does your organisation use? Applications, Architecture/Strategy

18 Mar 2015
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Warehousing and Order Management Systems Which warehousing and order management system does your organisation use? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure

17 Mar 2015
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System Monitoring Tools What solution do you have in place to monitor hardware, software systems and applications? Applications, Infrastructure, Technologies

04 Mar 2015
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Website Traffic Filtering Systems What product or service does your organisation use to filter web traffic? Governance, Security/Business Continuity

02 Mar 2015
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Confidential Document Distribution Systems Do you have a system in place to distribute confidential documents electronically, allowing annotation and search functionality? Applications, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management

27 Feb 2015
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Security Information and Event Management What Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution are you using? Applications, Security/Business Continuity

26 Feb 2015
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SAP SOLMAN Do you have any experience of using SAP SOLMAN that you would be willing to share? Programme Management, Technologies

24 Feb 2015
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Google Productivity Suite: Security Policy Has your organisation implemented a security policy around the use of the Google suite of productivity applications? Applications, Security/Business Continuity

23 Feb 2015
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SMS Based Messaging Tools Do you communicate to staff via an SMS tool (e.g. WhatsApp) when major incidents occur and communication via other means is not possible? Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Technologies

19 Feb 2015
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Delivering IT Services to New Premises Are you in the process of or have you recently completed an IT move to new premises? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Supplier Management/Procurement, Technologies

17 Feb 2015
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Baselining IT Costs Do you use or have access to a standard IT cost model which allows you to baseline your respective IT costs against a standard IT cost framework? Architecture/Strategy, Governance, Operations/Service Management

16 Feb 2015
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Incorporating Lessons Learned Do you have a process in place that allows any 'lessons learned' to be incorporated effectively into any new work that is carried out? Governance, HR, Programme Management

10 Feb 2015
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Migrating to Office 365 Have you or are you in the process of migrating to Microsoft Office 365? Applications, Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement

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"Just wanted to say thanks; another great day where I have come out with more knowledge than I entered with. I have never not found a day interesting"
IT Support Manager, PR and Marketing Industry

"l really did enjoy the summit. The expertise of attendees, the scope and depth of knowledge was great"
Systems Engineer, Central Government

"[The event] saved us £50,000, which we would have paid a consultant to tell us the same things"
Strategy Manager, Defence and Aerospace Industry

"The workshop validated the marketplace for supplier apps; participants were of a uniformly high standard; personally, I value highly the ethos of The Forum in the fact that it is supplier independent"
Development Officer, Local Government

"Really useful day at The Corporate IT Forum - lots to take away and discuss back at work"
Service Manager, Media and Publishing Industry

"Many thanks; [the event was] very good and beneficial"
Supplier Manager, Manufacturing Industry

"The Corporate IT Forum is a fantastic level check, free of vendor sell and consultancy hype. I like the open sharing of experience"
Head of Global Strategy & Architecture, Defence and Aerospace Industry