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15 Sep 2016
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Offshore Software Development Provider Connectivity E.ON would like to understand if any members are using offshore software development companies where the offshore partner company has access to a secured company virtual workplace (for example delivered using VDI), using the internet (rather than dedicated network connections) for connectivity. What architecture(s) is used, and, for example, what technologies are used for security and 2nd factor authentication? What has the performance, availability and service experience been like for the 3rd party? Has any technology been used for improving Quality of Service e.g. network/WAN optimisation technologies? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Supplier Management/Procurement, Technologies

15 Sep 2016
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IT Communications Strategy The IT department within NEC is looking at revamping their entire communications strategy. A growing number of communications emails is proving to be ineffective and Neil feels it's time to re-think how they can improve communications as an IT department, both internally to the business and externally. Has anyone else been on a similar journey? Neil is interested in what is and what isn't working in other companies and if new tools such as Yammer are preferred over email? Do you have Performance, Service Status and CSI Dashboards rather than emails? if so, what do you use? Business Relations, Operations/Service Management

12 Sep 2016
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Procurement & Vendor Management - Maturity assessment Can you supply a template for self-assessment of the maturity of Procurement & Vendor Management teams? Supplier Management/Procurement

01 Sep 2016
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Vendor Management Strategy Document Does your business have a Vendor Management strategy and what is included in this? Do you have any guidance rules around choosing a supplier? Supplier Management/Procurement

23 Aug 2016
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Lessons Learned in Project Management What have you found to be the best method of capturing and recording lessons learned from current, as well as old/closed, projects? What have you found to be the best method of interrogating the data, to ensure that project lessons are built into future risk mitigation? What have you found to be the best process to review lessons learned against the portfolio of current and future projects? Operations/Service Management, Programme Management

15 Aug 2016
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Use of Snow Software Recognition software Has anyone had any experience of using the software recognition or licence management software from Snow Software? How accurate is it, and how much effort is required to enter contract terms when they differ from Snow's definition of 'standard'? Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement

08 Aug 2016
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IT Gender Balance within Corporate Organisations What is the percentage of males and females working in IT within your organisation? Please provide details of size and sector of your organisation and, if possible, details in relation to senior and middle management roles. Skills and People

08 Aug 2016
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Gender Balance - Targeted/Interview Shortlists Do you have experience of using targeted and/or interview shortlists with gender balance specifically for IT roles? If so, what were the short-term and long-term outcomes? Skills and People

05 Aug 2016
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Use of Hybris e-Sales platform Can you share your experience with e-Sales platform, Hybris? Applications, Architecture/Strategy

03 Aug 2016
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Implementing a Corporate Document Archive Do you have experience of implementation of a corporate archiving system with particular reference to social care and HR data (or similar data types)? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations, Governance, Skills and People, Infrastructure, Programme Management, Security/Business Continuity

03 Aug 2016
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Ways of working that contribute to success - encouraging employee engagement Could you share best practices and insights into your organisation’s ways of working that contribute to your success – what culture has your organisation adopted to encourage employee engagement? Business Relations, Skills and People

28 Jul 2016
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Exchange Online - controlling external access Has anyone who has migrated to Office 365 implemented any policies to restrict access to Exchange Online from a desktop client, outside of the corporate environment, without restricting access to the remainder of Office 365? Applications, Architecture/Strategy

27 Jul 2016
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DaaS Development Costs Could you share costs of the development of a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) capability, based on GCLOUD suppliers? Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Benchmarking

25 Jul 2016
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Effective Resource Management How do you measure the business value gained from the efforts and resources you put in to managing external providers? Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement

13 Jul 2016
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HyperCare What do you consider is the differences between HyperCare and Warranty - what obligations or services should service provider be expected to provide?

12 Jul 2016
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Homeworker Broadband Does your IT department pick up the cost of broadband for your remote/home workers? Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement

11 Jul 2016
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Ireland Payroll Processes Has anyone got experience/guidance of implementing a Payroll solution within the Republic of Ireland, including the interaction with the Revenue? Ideally related to using Oracle E-business suite, however just general processes around running a payroll in Ireland and the interaction with the Revenue would also be useful. Applications, Skills and People

06 Jul 2016
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IT Training Providers Can you provide recommendations for 3rd Party Suppliers in the UK market? Skills and People, Supplier Management/Procurement

05 Jul 2016
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Operations Bridge Organisation Structure How does your organisation structure its Operations Bridge Organisation? Skills and People, Operations/Service Management

04 Jul 2016
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IT Knowledge Management Framework Do you have experience with, or examples of best practice for knowledge management of IT at a manufacturing company? Applications, Governance, Skills and People, Infrastructure

28 Jun 2016
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Building an effective BI Project Team What skills and types of resources should an organisation build into a Business Intelligence project delivery team to best set up for success? Skills and People

27 Jun 2016
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Resourcing Project Management Do you use a specialist partner organisation to provide project management and analysis skills in addition to, or in place of, just going to the contractor market? Governance, Skills and People, Programme Management

15 Jun 2016
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Business Case for HR System Replacement How do you create a business case for HR system replacement when your current system delivers HR functionality? Applications, Business Relations, Governance, Supplier Management/Procurement

13 Jun 2016
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Test Management Tools Do you have any recommendations for test management tools that: a) integrate well with JIRA (e.g. defect linking) b) support Agile workflows c) provide metrics for both manual and automated test suites d) allow easy export of current and archived tests? Applications, Technologies, Benchmarking

10 Jun 2016
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Publishing and managing B2E mobile apps to BYOD Have your business departments asked you to support mobile apps for workers, i.e. B2E? If so, how did you give, provide and subsequently manage the B2E mobile apps on BYOD devices without using public app stores? Applications

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