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17 Nov 2015
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International Mobile Network Operators Can you share any experiences and any lessons learned with international Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)? Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement

16 Nov 2015
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Global EUC + Supplier Managament Has your organisation considered implementing global Supplier Relationship Management for end user computing? What did your SRM/Vendor Management organisation look like? Can you please share your experience?  Governance, Supplier Management/Procurement

16 Nov 2015
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Staffing Levels - Service Desk Analysts How many Service Desk Analysts/Agents does your organisation have for 1st line support? What first-time fix rate do they achieve and what initiatives have been implemented for self service? Skills and People, Operations/Service Management

13 Nov 2015
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Data Filing in Global Offices Has your organisation looked into technology solutions such as Azure, AWS or Local attached NAS Device to file data at your offices? Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Technologies

10 Nov 2015
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Business Analysis: Changing Requirements Has your company looked in to using third parties as Service or Software providers? Have you been involved in new areas of conversation (e.g. procurement requirements and details which need to be part of a contract)? As a Business Analyst, has your company expected you to record this information as a requirement? Architecture/Strategy, Supplier Management/Procurement

06 Nov 2015
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Vendor Selection For Portal Technology How has your organisation approached the problem of vendor selection for internet portal technology? Have you decided to go with a vendor who is experienced in the creation of the portal itself, or taken the approach to go with a vendor that is maybe less experienced in portal technology, but already a partner in online solutions? Architecture/Strategy, Technologies

22 Oct 2015
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Scheduling Of Information To Display Assets Does your organisation use an application that will allow the temporary scheduling of paper marketing material (posters and leaflets) to picture frames and other assets in specific locations?

13 Oct 2015
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eCommerce Product Recommendations Has your organisation rationalised the number of eCommerce solutions you use? If so, what did you find flexible, feature rich and easy to both deploy and maintain? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Supplier Management/Procurement

12 Oct 2015
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Integration between Internet Website and Intranet Site How does your organisation handle public website and intranet integration? Architecture/Strategy, Technologies

12 Oct 2015
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Policy & Process Visualisation Does your organisation have a product that supports the identification of commonality, duplication and inconsistency in a visual map? If so, would you be able to discuss further? Applications

06 Oct 2015
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Programme / Project Dependency Models Does your organisation have an existing capability to handle large amounts of data across many projects? Are you able to dynamically display this in a number of ways, including a highly visual aspect? Programme Management

05 Oct 2015
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Data Loss Prevention for Cloud Services Does your organisation have a strategic approach to dealing with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) as the movement to SaaS and cloud-based solutions increases?If so, has a solution been devevloped internally or has a product been 'bought in' to cover the main issues and has movement to cloud-based services resulted in an increase of this type of issue? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Security/Business Continuity, Supplier Management/Procurement, Technologies, Benchmarking

30 Sep 2015
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ServiceNow Implementation Has your organisation implemented ServiceNow? If so, would you be able to share experiences around the implementation to support Extranet functionality - more specifically, for Content Management, Article sharing and general information sharing from central Head Office to a distributed network? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Operations/Service Management, Technologies

28 Sep 2015
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Online Q&A Tools Does your organisation use an online question and answer tool? If so, would you be able to discuss further? Applications

21 Sep 2015
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Microsoft Dynamics Does your organisation use MS Dynamics as a tool for internal engagement? If yes, would you be willing to discuss further? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations, Benchmarking

11 Sep 2015
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Migration to Office 2013 Has your organisation migrated to Office 2013? If so, are you able to share your experiences and any lessons learnt? Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management

28 Aug 2015
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Balanced Business Scorecard Models: Use and Success What Balanced Business Scorecard models and measurement metrics does your organisation use, and have you found any success in measuring and reporting upon customer & supplier relationships? Skills and People, Operations/Service Management, Benchmarking

20 Aug 2015
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Managed Print and Scan Services Can you share your recent experiences and any lessons learned with Managed Print and Scan Services? Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement

18 Aug 2015
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Sharing Service Management Tool with Partners and Suppliers Can you please share your opinions and experience of sharing your Service Management Tool (SMT) with partners and suppliers to maintain single source of the truth. Skills and People, Operations/Service Management, Security/Business Continuity, Supplier Management/Procurement, Benchmarking

13 Aug 2015
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Migration Between Vendors Does your organisation have any experience on migrating between vendors for end user computing, i.e. switching out the incumbent desktop/laptop provider to another vendor (e.g. Dell to another). Infrastructure, Supplier Management/Procurement, Benchmarking

12 Aug 2015
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Benefits of Business Intelligence Dashboards What are the true business benefits of Business Intelligence dashboards? Are there any organisations out there that can explain what benefits they have been able to measure and abstract from the planning and implementation of dashboards, both at operational, middle management and senior management/Director level? Technologies, Benchmarking

10 Aug 2015
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Computer Telephony Integration Implementation Is anyone able to share their experiences of implementing Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), specifically Click-to-dial but also any other CTI components, within their IT systems, including (but not limited to) Salesforce? Applications, Infrastructure, Technologies

27 Jul 2015
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Datacentre Cooling Does your organisation have any experience of using Adiabatic cooling in a Datacentre? Are you using it with contained cold aisles? Infrastructure, Technologies

27 Jul 2015
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Scaling Agile Has your organisation scaled Agile (deployed it more broadly)? If so, how did you go about this and what issues were encountered in doing so? Architecture/Strategy, Programme Management

22 Jul 2015
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Backup/Restore Policy What constitutes an effective Backup/Restore Policy? Operations/Service Management, Security/Business Continuity

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