Reality Checkers
Reality Checkers are surveys initiated by user organisations, carefully crafted with them to meet their objectives and distributed to provide ‘a moment in time' on topical corporate IT user issues. The reports are valued by corporate IT professionals as a useful benchmark reflecting current trends. They allow organisations to understand where their own strategies fit in relation to similar, large-sized organisations, safe in the knowledge that the information provided is real and free from any supplier or consultant input.

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Assessing corporate progress towards deploying Microsoft Windows Vista.
Ref: RCc Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Technologies
Is the business planning on migrating to Windows 7?
Ref: w805 Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Supplier Management/Procurement, Technologies
May 2009
Virtualization has become common place within the IT departments of the Forum’s members; its approach is fast spreading to other areas away from the initial rush over server virtualization. Now storage, network and application virtualization is becoming widespread.
Ref: RC02 Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure
Jan 2013
Virtualisation is a popular strategy amongst organisations looking to achieve both efficiencies and cost savings.
Ref: RC63 Infrastructure
Unified communications (UC) is the integration of real-time communication services such as instant messaging, presence information, telephony (including IP telephony), video conferencing, with non-real-time communication services such as unified messaging (integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax).  As employees demand ever more collaborative solutions and instant communication channels, ensuring that the best products are deployed is essential.
Ref: RC38 Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Technologies
Coined in reference to the move of voice from the PBX to an IP network; Unified Communications (UC) now encompasses all forms of communication from presence through to email, messaging and mobile. Analysts and strategists have claimed that effective UC implementations can dramatically change enterprise productivity and efficiencies, but that poor implementations could 'be disruptive instead of productive'.
Ref: RC03 Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Technologies
USB devices raise a number of security issues for large organisation. Companies must weigh up the obvious advantages of these devices against the potentially catastrophic security issues they raise.
Ref: RC01a Security/Business Continuity
There are many solutions being offered. No single solution is a complete answer for all levels of access. Many technologies are not yet mature enough or reliable enough.  RSA is widely used: it works, and for many there seems at present to be no better alternative.  Biometrics are expected to become more prevalent as the technology stabilises.
Ref: RCa Governance, Infrastructure, Security/Business Continuity
Standards and data are where organisations are focusing their efforts.
Ref: RC34 Architecture/Strategy, Security/Business Continuity
As the threat landscape changes and users become savvier to the value of the assets and data they use, keeping one step ahead of internal threats and breaches is a continual challenge. 
Ref: RC59 Security/Business Continuity
Members of the Forum's Information Security Service were polled to understand whether the perceived threat landscape has changed as a result of the Stuxnet worm in July 2010.
Ref: RC20 Security/Business Continuity
PRINCE is the methodology of choice along with a Waterfall approach (although Scrum and Agile are experiencing a growing popularity).  Read the full report to understand how the PMO operates successfully within the enterprise.
Ref: RC51 Programme Management
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