Reality Checkers
Reality Checkers are surveys initiated by user organisations, carefully crafted with them to meet their objectives and distributed to provide ‘a moment in time' on topical corporate IT user issues. The reports are valued by corporate IT professionals as a useful benchmark reflecting current trends. They allow organisations to understand where their own strategies fit in relation to similar, large-sized organisations, safe in the knowledge that the information provided is real and free from any supplier or consultant input.

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Jan 2014
2014 Real IT Strategy SurveyPopular!   2014 Real IT Strategy Survey
The Corporate IT Forum's annual Real IT Strategy Survey will help you align your IT strategies for 2014, and deliver them as effectively as possible. Key Findings Innovation for simplification, improvement or productivity will be a primary component of 81% of business strategies this year. The top new operational objective is to create an agile business working environment to enable growth, change, or diversification. Enterprises see huge potential in developing ...
Ref: RC72 Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Benchmarking, Business Relations, Governance, HR, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Programme Management, Security/Business Continuity, Supplier Management/Procurement
Dealing with data growth is a continuing headache for enterprise IT. But the need to find, collate and present structured and unstructured data to create information to enable and support business decision-making at all levels has become just as important a challenge.
Ref: Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations, Operations/Service Management, Programme Management, Security/Business Continuity, Technologies
In March 2012 Forum members launched The Education and Skills Commission to ensure that large ICT-dependent businesses work together to address challenges around the quality and availability of IT skills and to explore to what extent they can help shape ICT education in schools and universities.
Ref: RC70 Architecture/Strategy, HR
Integrating IT with business has been a goal for IT and its business organisations for years. Alignment between IT and business is often referred to as the key to IT successfully delivering business value.
Ref: RC69 Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations, HR, Operations/Service Management, Programme Management
Supplier Management remains a priority for IT departments through 2013; its ‘top-two' status for CIOs underlines its increasing criticality to many organisations.
Ref: RC67 Supplier Management/Procurement
The uptake of Cloud continued to gather momentum throughout 2012, fast becoming a default strategy for the majority.
Ref: RC66 Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management
Service Management features as an important business strategy for Forum members in 2013.
Ref: RC65 Operations/Service Management
Tight budgets in the Oil, Chemicals and Pharmaceutical sector are driving a need to reduce costs to remain competitive in a tight marketplace.
Ref: RC61 Architecture/Strategy
Utilities' IT departments will see increased budgets - and challenges - in 2013 to meet regulatory and policy developments.
Ref: RC61 Architecture/Strategy
Manufacturers will focus on collaboration, cloud and consumerisation in 2013.
Ref: RC61 Architecture/Strategy
In 2013, public sector CIOs will focus on innovation and agility against a continued backdrop of austerity and the 'digitisation' of public services.
Ref: RC61 Architecture/Strategy
A systematic approach to innovation, the creation of more agile businesses, and pioneering Big Data analysis and usage will be key goals in helping retailers thrive against a discouraging economic backdrop.
Ref: RC61 Architecture/Strategy
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