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22 Jan 2014
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Improving CRM Capability Have you or anyone in your organisation experienced implementation of a CRM - particularly Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics? Applications, Architecture/Strategy

17 Jan 2014
13 / 320

Project Management Tools Have you implemented a Project Management or Resource Management tool within your organisation? Applications, Programme Management, Supplier Management/Procurement, Technologies

16 Jan 2014
14 / 429

Corporate Espionage Has your organisation ever had a requirement to sweep an office for bugs? Security/Business Continuity, Technologies

15 Jan 2014
5 / 219

Globalisation of IT What types of applications are best candidates for global standardisation, and which would be better suited to regional control, and why? Applications, Infrastructure, Programme Management

14 Jan 2014
9 / 306

Work Management Tools What work management tool do you use? Operations/Service Management, Technologies

13 Jan 2014
6 / 237

SecurEnvoy Tokenless Authentication Do you use SecurEnvoy for Tokenless Authentication? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Operations/Service Management, Security/Business Continuity, Technologies

10 Jan 2014
1 / 210

Customer Correspondence Management Systems What are your experiences of introducing or making changes to a Customer Correspondence Management System? Architecture/Strategy, Operations/Service Management, Programme Management, Technologies

09 Jan 2014
1 / 207

SAP Advanced Planner and Optimiser What combination of parameters do you use to drive inventory deduction, forecast accuracy and service improvements using SAP Advanced Planner and Optimiser (APO)? Applications

06 Jan 2014
10 / 339

Removing Local Administrator Rights How does your organisation manage the removal of local administrator rights from Windows desktops? Security/Business Continuity

18 Dec 2013
1 / 334

Model Office Based Testing Do you have experience of running a Model Office Environment to simulate new business processes and software applications? Applications, Programme Management

17 Dec 2013
8 / 361

Service Management Forums Has your organisation signed up to any Service Management Forum subscriptions (e.g. SDI, ITSMF)? Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations, Governance, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement, Benchmarking

16 Dec 2013
6 / 281

Large Account Resellers What Large Account Reseller do you use for the purchase of software, and what are your experiences with them? Supplier Management/Procurement

11 Dec 2013
3 / 368

Diversity within a Project Management Office What would your recommendations be for introducing an Enterprise Project Management Office (PMO) alongside an IT focused one? Programme Management

10 Dec 2013
6 / 376

Identity Lifecycle - Leavers and Third Party Sites When an employee or agent leaves your company, do you have a repeatable solution to ensure that all corporate ties are closed. Not just the usual accounts under direct control but also any third party sites? HR, Operations/Service Management

09 Dec 2013
4 / 314

Sales Commissions Applications Can you recommend any mobile enabled, cloud based (preferable) Sales Commissions Systems? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, HR, Infrastructure, Programme Management, Technologies

06 Dec 2013
6 / 374

Transition From Microsoft Office To Google Apps Have you transitioned from Microsoft Office installed on premise to Google Apps? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Supplier Management/Procurement, Technologies

05 Dec 2013
12 / 347

Deploying Multiple Internet Browsers Do you allow users access to multiple internet browsers? Applications

04 Dec 2013
11 / 377

Third Party Access To Helpdesk Tools Do you allow third parties access to parts of your helpdesk tool? Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement

03 Dec 2013
4 / 503

ServiceNow Do you offer ServiceNow employee self-service for end-users in multiple languages? Do you offer ServiceNow IT modules for IT staff in multiple languages? Applications, Operations/Service Management

02 Dec 2013
3 / 410

Salesforce Operational Structure in the IT Department From an organisational structure, how have you designed your Salesforce IT capabilities? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Operations/Service Management

27 Nov 2013
7 / 426

HP Enterprise Services What are your organisations experiences of using HP Enterprise Services? Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement

25 Nov 2013
1 / 398

SAP eCommerce Solutions Does your organisation use SAP eCommerce (aka Webshop)? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Operations/Service Management, Security/Business Continuity, Technologies

22 Nov 2013
7 / 494

Maintaining Oracle eBusiness Suite Applications What tasks associated with maintaining your Oracle eBusiness Suite do you manage yourselves, and what do you outsource? Applications, Technologies

21 Nov 2013
4 / 312

Resource Management in an Agile Environment Do you have a strategy in place to control Resource Management effectively in an Agile environment? Operations/Service Management, Programme Management

20 Nov 2013
7 / 409

SOA Training Providers Can you recommend any external Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) training providers? Architecture/Strategy, Operations/Service Management, Technologies

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