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06 Mar 2014
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Oracle 12G ERP Support Services Do you use a third party service to provide functional and / or technical support for your Oracle 12G Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system? Applications, Operations/Service Management, Programme Management, Supplier Management/Procurement, Technologies

05 Mar 2014
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Real IT Skills Framework Would you be interested in developing a Real IT Skills Framework with other Forum members? Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations, Governance, HR

04 Mar 2014
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IT Innovation Service Design How do you effectively innovate within your IT department? Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations, Technologies

03 Mar 2014
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Supporting Legacy Windows XP Desktops How do you manage the support for legacy Windows XP desktops? Applications, Infrastructure, Security/Business Continuity

28 Feb 2014
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HDX Flash Redirection Have you carried out a security risk assessment of HDX Flash redirection? Architecture/Strategy, Governance, Infrastructure, Security/Business Continuity, Technologies

27 Feb 2014
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iOS Devices: Applications Blacklist Do you have a blacklist of applications which should not be downloaded onto an iOS device from the App Store? If so, how did you do this, and how do you keep it up to date? Applications, Infrastructure, Security/Business Continuity, Technologies

26 Feb 2014
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Middleware Integration Does your organisation make use of Middleware Integration within its application architecture? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Technologies

25 Feb 2014
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IT Skills Frameworks Have you implemented an IT Skills Framework, and if so which one did you choose? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations, Governance, HR, Operations/Service Management, Programme Management

21 Feb 2014
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SOA Service Registries What Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) Service Registries do you use? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Technologies

21 Feb 2014
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Secure Mobile Content Sharing What application do you use to share content via Mobile devices (e.g. Accellion, WatchDox)? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Security/Business Continuity, Technologies

20 Feb 2014
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Oracle Documaker and CSS Does your organisation use Oracle Documaker and / or CSS? Applications, Supplier Management/Procurement, Technologies

15 Feb 2014
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Web Proxy Services What web proxy products does your organisation use, and what are your experiences with them? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Security/Business Continuity, Technologies, Benchmarking

13 Feb 2014
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Shared Information Systems Has your organisation implemented a Shared Information System? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Technologies

12 Feb 2014
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Project and Programme Forecasting Do you have any proven methodologies / processes / techniques for forecasting costs and timescales at the very early stages of projects and programmes? Governance, Programme Management

11 Feb 2014
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Managed Tablets for Business Have you implemented Managed Tablet devices within your organisation? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Supplier Management/Procurement

10 Feb 2014
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HP Firmware Updates and Patches With Hewlett Packard's recent announcement that you will need active support to obtain server firmware updates and patches, what measures are you putting in place to remediate against this? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Supplier Management/Procurement, Technologies

07 Feb 2014
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MobileIron Deployment Have you deployed MobileIron via their SaaS solution? Applications, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management

06 Feb 2014
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New Top Level Domains Rollout With the rollout of the new Top Level Domains (TLDs), is your organisation concerned by any 'domain collisions' occurring on your network or do you see any issues arising with your online presence? Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure

03 Feb 2014
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Software Licensing and Asset Management What is your Software Asset Management policy (SAM)? Infrastructure, Supplier Management/Procurement

30 Jan 2014
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Job Scheduling Packages What job scheduling package does your organisation use? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure

29 Jan 2014
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Managed Print Service Providers Does your organisation have a Managed Print Service? Applications, Infrastructure

28 Jan 2014
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Records and Information Professional Associations Can you recommend any professional associations for record and information management? Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations, Governance

27 Jan 2014
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Internal Social Media Does your company use internal social media sites (e.g. Yammer)? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations, Governance, HR, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Benchmarking

24 Jan 2014
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Intel vs AMD Based Laptops and Desktops Have you compared Intel based devices against AMD based laptops and desktops, if so, what conclusions did you draw? Infrastructure, Technologies

23 Jan 2014
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ITIL Training Providers Does your organisation offer ITIL training to its staff? HR, Infrastructure

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