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21 Jun 2013
6 / 171

Desktop / Thin Client Hardware Suppliers Does your organisation have a "One Stop Shop" to supply desktop and thin client hardware requirements? Infrastructure, Supplier Management/Procurement

19 Jun 2013
6 / 298

Replacing Corporate Intranets Have you implemented or replaced a corporate intranet? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations

14 Jun 2013
8 / 206

Service Desk User Identity Verification How does your organisation verify the identity of users who are calling in to the Service Desk (e.g. for a password reset)? Operations/Service Management, Security/Business Continuity

11 Jun 2013
3 / 236

Managing Problem Management Have you successfully implemented the ITIL "Problem Management" concept? Operations/Service Management

10 Jun 2013
9 / 266

BlackBerry to Windows 8 Phone migration Has anyone migrated from BlackBerry to the Windows 8 phone platform? Architecture/Strategy, Governance, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Technologies

07 Jun 2013
3 / 144

IT Service Categories How do you define your IT Service Categories? Applications, Operations/Service Management

06 Jun 2013
4 / 216

E-Learning Content Does your organisation have any effective e-learning content based on Data Protection (all staff), Duty of Care and Internal Environment Management (facilities staff)? HR, Security/Business Continuity

05 Jun 2013
6 / 242

Building PMO Capability Has your organisation set up a global Project Management Office (PMO) practice? Governance, Programme Management

31 May 2013
1 / 172

Software Patents Has your organisation ever used a third party to obtain a software patent? Applications, Supplier Management/Procurement

30 May 2013
3 / 201

Outsourced Desktop Providers Has your organisation gone through a transition from one outsourced desktop provider to another? Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Supplier Management/Procurement

29 May 2013
2 / 244

Per-Server Costs Do you have experience of per-server cost estimates (including OpEx) or costing approaches? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement

23 May 2013
3 / 267

Adobe Creative Suite Moving to the Cloud - Implications for Licensing Are Forum members affected by Adobe's introduction of a Cloud based subscription model for its Creative Suite, now called Creative Cloud? Applications, Supplier Management/Procurement

23 May 2013
5 / 161

Service Improvement Plans Has your organisation implemented a Service Improvement Plan? Business Relations, Operations/Service Management

22 May 2013
4 / 169

SAP Cutover Manager Have you used the services of a dedicated or specialist SAP Cutover Manager on SAP implementations? Applications, HR, Programme Management

21 May 2013
2 / 196

Implementing Data Governance Has your organisation adopted a data governance framework? Architecture/Strategy, Governance

13 May 2013
4 / 308

IT Strategy Templates Does your organisation use a standard template when writing IT strategies? Architecture/Strategy

13 May 2013
3 / 289

Managing Online Services Can you effectively manage performance risks with SaaS or Cloud sourced E-commerce solutions? Applications, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management

10 May 2013
4 / 192

Internal Customer Satisfaction Do have a system in place to monitor internal customer satisfaction?  Business Relations, Operations/Service Management, Benchmarking

09 May 2013
4 / 289

Integrated HR Systems Does your organisation have an integrated HR system? Applications, Business Relations, HR, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement, Technologies

08 May 2013
2 / 255

Internet Based Video Content Does your organisation allow users access to video content online? Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Security/Business Continuity, Technologies

07 May 2013
6 / 192

Workforce Management Has your organisation implemented a Workforce Management Application? Applications, Business Relations, Programme Management, Supplier Management/Procurement

03 May 2013
4 / 210

Engagement with Internal Customers Does your organisation have a formal engagement process between your IT department and internal business customers? Business Relations, Governance, Operations/Service Management, Programme Management

02 May 2013
6 / 310

Corporate WiFi Networks Does your organisation have WiFi networks that provide Internet access only? Infrastructure, Security/Business Continuity, Technologies

02 May 2013
4 / 165

Learning and Development Programmes Do you have experience of designing or building an in-house learning and development programme for your management team? Applications, HR

01 May 2013
3 / 312

Benchmarking Services Have you recently used any benchmarking organisations that cover both internal IT services and outsourced elements? Business Relations, Benchmarking

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