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12 Aug 2013
4 / 687

Information Security Benchmarking Tools Do you use or are aware of any information security benchmarking tools? Business Relations, Security/Business Continuity

09 Aug 2013
3 / 496

HP Performance Center Training Have you booked any training courses for Hewlett Packard LoadRunner for team members with a provider outside of Hewlett Packard themselves? Applications, HR, Operations/Service Management, Technologies

08 Aug 2013
5 / 537

BYOD Implementation Do you have experience of BYOD implementation? Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management

31 Jul 2013
4 / 514

Testing and Tracking Development Projects Does your organisation use online testing and issue tracking tools as part of development projects? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Programme Management

30 Jul 2013
11 / 552

Managing Requests For Work What software does your organisation use to manage requests for work? Applications, Programme Management, Technologies

29 Jul 2013
3 / 508

Service Orientated Architecture What approach do you take to create, deploy and manage SOA services in your organisation? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Governance, Infrastructure, Security/Business Continuity, Technologies

26 Jul 2013
4 / 503

Service Catalogues Do you have experience of producing a service catalogue? Business Relations, Operations/Service Management

25 Jul 2013
3 / 519

Staff Accreditation Within IT Does your organisation have a formal staff accreditation policy? HR

23 Jul 2013
6 / 556

Unified Communications Does your organisation use a single unified communications platform including enterprise voice capability? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations, Infrastructure, Technologies

17 Jul 2013
0 / 456

Symantec BackupExec Issues Have you experienced any problems using Symantec BackupExec 2012 to back up a W2008 R2 server running SAS 9.3 Enterprise Suite? Applications, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Technologies

17 Jul 2013
12 / 525

Ideas Management Solutions Does your organisation have an IT solution for managing staff ideas to help improve the business? Applications, Business Relations, HR

16 Jul 2013
3 / 5339

Development and Testing Environments Do you have a consistent approach in place to manage development, testing, user acceptance testing and pre-production environments? Applications, Programme Management

09 Jul 2013
0 / 392

Developing Waste Management Architecture Does your organisation have any experience of developing an architecture to support waste management processes? Architecture/Strategy, Operations/Service Management

08 Jul 2013
3 / 392

Corporate Chat Rooms Can anyone recommend solutions for running moderated corporate chat room sessions with a few presenters and an audience of 1000s of staff? Applications

04 Jul 2013
5 / 412

Outsourcing IT Has your organisation recently outsourced their IT? Architecture/Strategy, Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement

28 Jun 2013
2 / 337

Documenting Batch Processing Does anybody use a tool to document batch processes to identify duplication and identify opportunities for improvement? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Operations/Service Management

28 Jun 2013
8 / 352

BES 10 Proof of Concept Has your organisation upgraded to BES 10?  Applications, Infrastructure

27 Jun 2013
0 / 255

JD Edwards in SaaS Has your organisation moved their JD Edwards from on-premise to SaaS? Operations/Service Management, Programme Management

27 Jun 2013
4 / 324

Using SharePoint for Document Management Has your organisation replaced their document management system (e.g. Documentum) with SharePoint?   Applications

26 Jun 2013
1 / 192

Internal Information Management Has your organisation designed and implemented an internal information management consultancy model? Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations

26 Jun 2013
6 / 246

Software Asset Management Reporting What metrics do you include when generating Software Asset Management Reports? Business Relations, Operations/Service Management, Benchmarking

25 Jun 2013
1 / 179

Managing Dual Mainframe Providers Can you effectively partition a single ISV supplier (Chinese walls etc.) to manage two OEM's to leverage optimal commercial outcome? Governance, Supplier Management/Procurement

21 Jun 2013
6 / 173

Desktop / Thin Client Hardware Suppliers Does your organisation have a "One Stop Shop" to supply desktop and thin client hardware requirements? Infrastructure, Supplier Management/Procurement

19 Jun 2013
6 / 303

Replacing Corporate Intranets Have you implemented or replaced a corporate intranet? Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations

14 Jun 2013
8 / 206

Service Desk User Identity Verification How does your organisation verify the identity of users who are calling in to the Service Desk (e.g. for a password reset)? Operations/Service Management, Security/Business Continuity

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