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Jul 2013
Collaborating with Third Parties   Tools in Use
A list of collaboration tools as reported by users, including brief assessment comments.
Ref: W1096 Business Relations, Supplier Management/Procurement
Jul 2013
Optimising Service Management   Tools in Use
A list of Service Management tools as reported by users, including brief assessment comments.
Ref: W1064 Operations/Service Management
Download the Top Tips from this Corporate IT Forum discussion. In May 2012 The Corporate IT Forum discussed how to nurture an agile approach in the organisation, identifying that a nimble and flexible organisation could win competitive advantage and keep the business at the top of its game. This discussion looks at how an agile organisation can be delivered and maintained; what the strategy looks like, how it is managed and what type of infrastructure needs to be in place. The stumbling block ...
Ref: W1010 Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Programme Management
Download this Corporate IT Forum Top Tips document. Can an effective IT Service Management function or process drive down costs, and increase the value and agility of the services it delivers and manages, whilst still maintaining service levels? The answer from some Service Managers is a resounding 'yes'. But if so, how do you shift the culture within technical functions to that of a service perspective, and what approaches provide the best results? How do you go from 'green' to 'great'? This...
Ref: W1002 Operations/Service Management
Download this Corporate IT Forum Top Tips document. In a continually evolving business and IT landscape, and with a constant focus on cost reduction, organisations need to understand how to cut licensing costs, how to be sure that their procurement processes deliver value for money, and that oversights in contracts do not lead to costly downsides or penalties later. Spending can be optimised through the right contract, in the most cost efficient currency or country. Most organisations have a m...
Ref: W981 Supplier Management/Procurement
Download this Corporate IT Forum Top Tips document. Many large organisations in both the public and private sector utilise research services, from analyst organisations like Gartner, the unique corporate user organisation The Corporate IT Forum, or boutique research houses, and professional organisations like the British Computer Society, and The Chartered Institute for IT. This document looks at how organisations are using such services, how they measure the value out of such usage, and looks ...
Ref: W1056 Architecture/Strategy
Download the Top Tips from this Corporate IT Forum conference, that focused on the impact to the infrastructure of delivering, supporting and managing a mobile workforce. Although consumerisation is a part of the driving force behind change, other aspects (cost, new technologies, business continuity, disaster recovery and demands for flexible working) are driving organisations to consider new ways of working and how to support them.
Ref: W995 Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Benchmarking, Business Relations, Governance, HR, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Programme Management, Security/Business Continuity, Supplier Management/Procurement
Download the Top Tips from this discussion that focussed on on why and how organisations should outsource IT services, and what constitutes best practice in defining and managing such agreements. Specifically, the workshop considered reducing risk, driving value and improving within outsourced relationships at all stages, from negotiation to re-negotiation and re-tendering.
Ref: W1042 Architecture/Strategy
Creating a robust but flexible security policy that underpins all of the necessary procedures and controls to meet legal and regulatory compliance can be a real struggle. Taking on board the speed of change in businesses and the need for IT to keep pace with this, it is difficult to see how documentation can be prevented from becoming a self-perpetuating industry.
Ref: W1004 Security/Business Continuity
Enterprise Architecture can deliver value, but you have to prove value in terms that mean something to the business. Where there is buy-in and engagement, the business may invest more in IT to get more out of it. So, how can something as technically sounding as enterprise architecture communicate with the business in a language that they understand-their language. How can enterprise architecture truly operate at an enterprise level and have a recognised impact in supporting business opportunitie...
Ref: W1044 Architecture/Strategy
Download this Corporate IT Forum Top Tips document. The concept of Business Relationship Managers (BRMs) is not a new one. Three-fifths of the organisations represented in discussions have a separate role or team to manage the business relationship, and whereas in the past the role of the BRM sometimes struggled to deliver the value it promised, the overwhelming majority of organisations are now seeing the value that an IT Business Partner can add to the bottom line. The IT Business Partner is...
Ref: W979 Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations
Download the Top Tips from the Corporate IT Forum discussion. Service transition can be a significant challenge for project managers, and this report discusses the evolution of service transition, and the importance of governance in effective transitions. The paper also provides insights into methods of enhancing project methodologies and how to measure effective service transition.
Ref: W1043 Operations/Service Management
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