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Cost cutting, higher risk appetites and changes in collaboration and information sharing have impacted theway that security chiefs need to partner with the business. Saying no to change is not the answer, instead methodologies need to be adopted to allow critical projects which map into well-thought out risk managementand security processes to progress. Security chiefs at this workshop shared views on how they had tackledthe integration of risk management within their organisations and how new t...
Ref: W537 Security/Business Continuity
Following on from the workshop on achieving a holistic approach to change, configuration and release management in July 2009, this workshop is going to take a closer look at some of the key elements of CCRM and how to run these processes in harmony and cost effectively.
Ref: W785 Operations/Service Management
This report summarises the discussions and conclusions from the Change, Configuration & Release Management: Achieving an Holistic Approach event.
Ref: W711 Operations/Service Management
Change Management is vital in ensuring continuity of the systems and software underpinning the business.  Working in parallel with service delivery, configuration management and application development, it requires organisation-wide buy-in and adherence if it is to work well.
Ref: W594 Security/Business Continuity
This workshop is a follow-on from the one held in September 2001 and focuses on the scope and processes used to improve the Change Management environment in IT.
Ref: W193
Change Management
Ref: W066 Operations/Service Management
This workshop was created in response to QA830 - Centralised Paper Output.  This workshop enabled participants to share their knowledge ofstrategies and approaches for developing a centralised paper output environment.
Ref: W204
Capacity Management
Ref: W061 Operations/Service Management
Call centres are an essential part of thousands of businesses. However, most suffer from high staff attrition, high maintenance and high real estate costs. Can new platforms, applications or other services from third parties help ease these costs? How is telecoms convergence impacting corporate systems? What is best practice in security and data protection compliance? And do 'Virtual' call centres really take advantage of untapped resources whilst minimising costs? This workshop brought together...
Ref: W407 Business Relations, Infrastructure, Security/Business Continuity
Jul 2013
BYOD Conference
BYOD is a fact of life for IT leaders in the UK in 2013. Today, 61% of UK employees own a smartphone, and it is estimated that by 2015, 55% of corporate-use devices will be employee-liable. Mobility and BYOD has powerful potential benefits for employers. Generation Y employees are more engaged by new devices, and they can bring about a 40% increase in productivity.
Ref: W1063 Governance, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Technologies
The IT Forum Business Process Transformation discussion enabled senior IT professionals working in IT and business change roles to discuss how best to manage business process transformation. The discussion included examples of strategies adopted in a major business transformation project in the European automotive industry, which changed 70% of its processes in a three-year, multi-million pound project. The corporate IT professionals attending the discussion also shared the key challenges of c...
Ref: W916 Architecture/Strategy, Operations/Service Management
This report looks at current best practice in this important area and pulls on the experience of organisations that have already gone down this route or are in the process of doing so.
Ref: W847 Programme Management
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