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Feb 2001
Home Working
Home Working
Ref: W073 HR
This workshop has arose as a direct result of QA1031, raised by a member at a large retail organisation. This workshop enabled delegates to discuss the issues, benefits and cost implications around the outsourcing or insourcing of companies’ Help Desks.
Ref: W249
To understand the objectives and principles underpinning Hardware Asset Management, and to exchange best practices in setting up and operating a hardware asset register. What tools are in use, what are their weaknesses, and how have others put together a business case to support investment in Hardware Asset Management?
Ref: W359 Security/Business Continuity
Identifying a serious threat: Authoritative sources of threat notification Managing an incoming threat: Subscriber examples Solution alternatives Reception: avoiding multiple entry points Assessment: separating serious attacks from 'background noise' Co-ordination and reporting Effective methods for maintaining protection: Business justification of procedures; internal and incoming In house vs. managed services Incident response planning People & procedures, co-ordinating a response Subsc...
Ref: W167
  This report covers some of the best practices, ideas, concepts and problems being encountered by organisations in moving from talking around Green IT to taking action including getting to grips with one of the key headaches – metrics and benchmarking
Ref: W625 Business Relations, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement
In February, The Corporate IT Forum ran an event on Governance and Risk in Times of Change to discuss the impact of governance structures, frameworks and tools. Members have requested that we revisit different Governance topics in more depth to create much more specific, area focused events. Governance in information security was one of the topics that our members wanted to explore.
Ref: W788 Governance, Security/Business Continuity
Largely as a result of a focus on compliance and risk management, organisations are under pressure to have effective IT governance.  The challenge is to implement a process for making decisions on IT investments , that aligns them with business strategy,  delivers value within acceptable risk limits. and takes into account culture, maturity, and organisation structure. This report covers all these areas.
Ref: W655 Architecture/Strategy, Governance, Programme Management
Governance and risk management are recognised as being both large and complex subjects. The Corporate IT Forum devoted a day's interactive workshop to understanding more about both governance and risk. During the course of the day valuable information was shared among members who also gave details of the frameworks and tools used in their own organisations.  
Ref: W775 Governance, Operations/Service Management, Security/Business Continuity
This workshop arose from QA2152 and the presentation was structured to respond to the questions raised by this topic. The presenter, a Head of Department at a large petro-chemicals organisation, combines academic, technical, and project management qualifications with multiple years' international IT experience in large global organisations. He has held senior service and operations management roles with Shlumberger-Sema and Siemens; his areas of expertise encompassing service desk, desktop suppo...
Ref: W578 Business Relations, Infrastructure, Security/Business Continuity
This report deals with the realities of trying to manage a global network where there are no truly global suppliers and the outsourcing of network management relinquishes control – a major and common problem; however good practice and solutions do exist.
Ref: W639 Infrastructure, Security/Business Continuity, Supplier Management/Procurement
This report discusses Global IT Procurement and draws conclusions on best practices. It also includes a discussion on the positives and negatives of single global supplier contracts and profiles the seven organisations who attended, resulting in a list of actions and conclusions.
Ref: W370 Business Relations, Supplier Management/Procurement
The first meeting of subscribing organisations with a global IT interest confirmed the diversity of organisational models practised today, from wholly centralised, to decentralised and regionally autonomous. There was broad desire to centralise and standardise, and consensus on the importance of centrally-determined 'governance', but varying degrees of effectiveness experienced in managing governance and standards, cascading decision-making, and balancing cost efficiencies against enabling the b...
Ref: W374 Business Relations, Governance
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"Just wanted to say thanks; another great day where I have come out with more knowledge than I entered with"

"Many thanks; [the event was] very good and beneficial"

"I have never not found a day interesting"

"The Corporate IT Forum is a fantastic level check, free of vendor sell and consultancy hype. I like the open sharing of experience…"

"We get valuable knowledge and experience from members of The Corporate IT Forum. This helps us to make better and informed decisions to reach our business goals…"

"The knowledge from other people on what they are doing/have done is invaluable to my team"

"The workshop validated the marketplace for supplier apps; participants were of a uniformly high standard; personally, I value highly the ethos of the Forum in the fact that it is supplier independent"

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