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With acute economic pressures, and technology and service provision evolving rapidly, the IT Supplier Management landscape remains in a state of flux. As a result, the strategies and processes that enterprises put in place to maintain and manage their suppliers also have to adapt.
Ref: W1066 Supplier Management/Procurement
Apr 2008
Successful Charging for IT Service Costs   Report - Successful Charging for IT Service Costs
This event was attended by 30 delegates working in Finance and IT drawn from a wide cross section of organisations in both the private and public sector. The report illustrates the many different approaches taken to cross charging for IT services, the challenge is to pick the approach that will work in your organisation. There are also some organisations who feel cross charging is inappropriate and that this is not the only or best way to establish corporate governance over IT spending.
Ref: W607 Architecture/Strategy, Governance, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management
The arrival in the mainstream of thin-client computing, IP telephony and virtualisation technologies, means it is increasingly possible to rationalise costly complex office networks whilst simultaneously delivering increasing flexibility and agility. This electronic event was attended by 16 delegates representing 13 organisations.
Ref: W606 Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Technologies
Strategies for Collaborative Working
Ref: W581 HR, Operations/Service Management
In this report seven project and programme managers contributed to an online discussion that covers good practice, processes, metrics, and handling the results of post project reviews.
Ref: W718 HR, Programme Management
Spam / UCE Management is an increasing issue for many organisations who find themselves balancing costsand resource issues against growing internal customer / user dissatisfaction. This workshop encouraged tif.Members to share best practice in combating Spam / UCE, and to identify any specific actions that tif. can takeforward on behalf of the Membership.
Ref: W199
The consultancy Deloitte has argued that the one of the reasons that 7 out of 10 IT projects fail is poor test management. Organisations often struggle to attain the desired balance between test coverage and time to delivery.
Ref: W1017 Operations/Service Management, Programme Management
Download the Output Report from this Forum workshop. It was attended by 21 people representing 16 organisations from a wide cross-section of enterprises, including media, financial services, retailing, public and government bodies, pharmaceuticals, transport and utilities.
Ref: W954 Programme Management
One of the actions from the Promoting Excellence in Supplier Management workshop held in May was to run aseries of workshops looking into promoting excellence in I.T. Hardware, Software, Networks and Services.This is the first workshop in this series and it will address Software Supplier Management.This workshop will examine and identify what is best practice when working and negotiating with software suppliers. Focussing on topics such as Licence Management and Upgrades.
Ref: W297 Supplier Management/Procurement
In a complex world of changing technologies, organisations are having to work harder to understand how to monitor, manage and reduce their licence costs for software procurement. They also need to know whether their procurement processes are delivering value for money in a globalised world.
Ref: W899 Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement
Download this Corporate IT Forum Output Report. In a continually evolving business and IT landscape, and with a constant focus on cost reduction, organisations need to understand how to cut licensing costs, how to be sure that their procurement processes deliver value for money, and that oversights in contracts do not lead to costly downsides or penalties later. Spending can be optimised through the right contract, in the most cost efficient currency or country. Most organisations have a matur...
Ref: W981 Supplier Management/Procurement
Organisations have every right to feel a touch nervous when faced with a software vendor audit. Few can profess to be completely on top of their software estate; even with robust processes in place and excellent technical skills supporting software asset management, it's a wonder how any organisation can feel completely secure that they are meeting their licensing obligations.
Ref: W1068 Architecture/Strategy, Governance, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement
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