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In major enterprises today, innovation is becoming synonymous with two important drivers: efficiency and changing the way we do business. All successful organisations must innovate to some degree. The imperative is to become increasingly better at it.
Ref: W2013 Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management
This Report has been compiled from the shared experience of 14 organisations from a wide range of sectors including local government, energy, construction, logistics and media. The focus of the workshop was to share experiences around disaster recovery and business continuity; particularly in an environment where cloud computing and increased mobility present new challenges and new opportunities.
Ref: W2005 Security/Business Continuity
Used effectively, SharePoint can be a game-changer in the enterprise, changing the way that people work together, promoting knowledge share and productivity. Yet take up isn't that straightforward when users have to be weaned off email to ensure its success.
Ref: W2019 Architecture/Strategy
This Report is based on discussions amongst corporate IT professionals regarding the interrelated topics of application development and support.
Ref: W2000 Applications
A security operations centre (SOC) provides a central location to collect information on both internal and external threats, on user activity, loss of systems or personal data and to provide evidence in any investigations. In short, it helps keep the organisation running and offers a health-check on the state of its network and systems.
Ref: W2012 Security/Business Continuity
Mar 2014
Acumen CIO Insight Report - Cloud Computing   Cloud computing raises architecture and governance issues as it matures
Security has dogged cloud computing from its inception. But it has also masked the real issues with cloud: its loss of corporate IT control, lack of governance, and its being problematic to architect. After all, delivering a secure cloud service is a technical matter (though complicated by multi-tenancy), but not so governance and architecture.
Ref: W1092 Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations, Infrastructure, Operations/Service Management, Security/Business Continuity, Supplier Management/Procurement, Technologies
Many organisations utilise business services from a number of internal and external service providers. But delivering services seamlessly to business customers from multiple providers can be a significant challenge without effective service management. The trend towards multi-sourced models heightens the demand for effective service integration, which has prompted the development of service integration and management (SIAM) service offerings and approaches.
Ref: W2047 Operations/Service Management, Supplier Management/Procurement
Used properly, balanced scorecards can tell the business much more than historical, rear-view only financial data. Only ever populate them with meaningful, believable, real and useful data. Good governance is key. Dashboards and Management Information Reporting means the collection and sharing of meaningful indicators of organisational progress over time. However, many organisations report challenges over ensuring the right information is captured, that it is expressed in a meaningful way and...
Ref: W1077 Architecture/Strategy, Business Relations
Do you know by purchasing correctly how you can save 60% on Oracle's support fees? Did you know that changing hardware can increase your licence costs fourfold? Do you know the second reason why you should negotiate a low software product price? This report tells you. The report focuses in-depth on Oracle licensing models, Oracle's organisation and approach to auditing, organisations' audit defence strategies, and the many pitfalls that create unintended usage liabilities. This report has been...
Ref: W2016 Supplier Management/Procurement
Corporate IT teams face increasing pressure to emulate the success of consumer mobile applications, as businesses become convinced this is the way to offer technology that is attractive to consumers. However, this pressure is balanced with opportunity, as users can see rapid, practical outcomes to their involvement and easy-to-use systems that can be useful and deliver real benefit. Given the wider social and commercial acceptance of mobile web, could this be the right time to start offering ap...
Ref: w1094 Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Technologies
Application rationalisation has emerged as one of the leading strategies for reducing budgets and improving business efficiency. But how do you find redundancies in your application portfolio and how do you decide what to rationalise?
Ref: W2045 Applications
Feb 2014
ISO27001: 2013
ISO/IEC 27001 provides a framework for an information security management system and has been adopted by many large enterprises as an effective business tool for identifying and mitigating risks to information and ensuring that the security of data and information is firmly aligned and embedded within the goals and objectives of the organisation.
Ref: W1050 Governance, Security/Business Continuity
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