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The Forum invited members along with a representative from the Police Central eCrime Unit (PCeU) and McAfee to discuss the cybercrime threat landscape and ways of working together in the future.
Ref: W771 Security/Business Continuity
Download the Executive Summary from this Corporate IT Forum discussion.  
Ref: W968 Applications
The 'Vulnerability and Patch Management' workshop was run by the Corporate IT Forum's Information Security Service (tISS). The event was attended by 16 delegates from a wide cross section of 15 organisations with a variety of experiences within the vulnerability and patch management arena.
Ref: W742 Applications, Governance, Security/Business Continuity
Unified Communications (UC) is a hot technology issue - but often the real business potential is missed. Analysts and strategists have claimed that effective UC implementations can dramatically change enterprise productivity and efficiencies, but that poor implementations could 'be disruptive instead of productive'. Do our members agree? The top driver from June's Unified Communications Reality Checker was cost, but are organisations aware that UC can also improve business processes and producti...
Ref: w777 Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure
Virtualisation has now become commonplace at least in the server arena, and its approach is fast spreading to other areas.  This report deals mainly with server virtualisation but also covers some of the emerging technologies.
Ref: W583 Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Technologies
This report is from the Virtualisation event at which seven delegates from seven organisations representing various industries met to establish how effective and widespread virtualisation is today, and whether the analyst-predicted boom has become a corporate reality.
Ref: W682 Applications, Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Technologies
This event was attended by technical architects/consultants from six organisations and included presentations from a major financial institution and a leading retailer.Nomenclature:− VM: Virtual Machine− ISV: Independent Software Vendor− VDI: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.
Ref: W474 Infrastructure
While there are many advances in enterprise computing accredited to the use of virtualisation technologies, many organisations are wrestling with the difficulties in verifying that they are operating within the criteria of their software licensing. Prior to the widespread adoption of virtual servers, managing server licences was a fairly straightforward process and there was one licence per physical server. IT administrators are now worried that software licence agreements could be breached usi...
Ref: W793 Supplier Management/Procurement, Technologies
This webinar was designed to show-case Man Group's video conferencing solution. The event featured two presentations, the first from the Transport Policy Office from the Climate Change Team at WWF. The second was delivered by the Video Conferencing Manager and the Head of Global IT Support at Man Group. The session was attended by 27 individuals from enterprises across all sectors of industry. The presentations were completed with a detailed Q&A session.
Ref: W826 Architecture/Strategy, Operations/Service Management
With Businesses’ adoption of wireless technologies comes a new set of security threats. This case study presentation and discussion enabled 20 delegates from 17 organisations representing multiple industries to exchange their experiences of device, network and systems management through changes to infrastructure and processes.
Ref: W544 Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Security/Business Continuity
The drive to unify communications voice, data, fixed, and mobile; comes from both business users and technology vendors. This report explores how much of this of this is possible and where progress might be made as well as flagging the pitfalls and 'gotchas' from organisations who have been there.
Ref: W616 Architecture/Strategy, Infrastructure, Security/Business Continuity, Supplier Management/Procurement
In an economic climate which dictates that organisations scrutinise every piece of expenditure, an increasing number of large enterprises are looking to leverage the benefits of Cloud computing. The hype and promise of Cloud computing and its instant cost savings have catapulted it to the forefront of many CIO agendas. Scalable enough to absorb parts or all of an organisation's systems or processes at little notice, is the 'Cloud' finally that agile tool corporate IT has been waiting for? Althou...
Ref: W831 Infrastructure, Technologies
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