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Delivering Value through Business Process Simplification

Corporate IT Forum workshops are requested by and specifically designed for IT professionals striving for best practice in the corporate environment. Free from supplier involvement, delegates receive real-world information from experienced and unbiased peers.

In today's economic climate, it is essential that businesses strive to reduce costs by reviewing head count, time spent on processes and simplifying services as well as continually improve their effectiveness to both internal and external customers. Businesses may be able to operate more efficiently if systems are integrated so that business functions can be completed automatically. 


Eliminating non essential costs, reviewing or removing non value services and adjusting processes are all key in becoming a leaner business whilst not affecting the enterprise's efficiency. 

But how do you coordinate the execution of a long-running business function that spans multiple disparate applications?  Can different approaches co-exist and how do you manage the deficiencies? How do you identify which processes can be integrated, and what techniques should be used in which circumstances?


To look in detail and gain an updated view of the latest approaches, tools, methods and outcomes of process integration within IT and the business. 


  • How does Process Integration manifest itself into IT and Business Process Management Activity?
    Integrating across a complex organisation
  • Integration of industrial IT with Corporate IT & ERP (e.g. SCADA networks)
  • How do you integrate processes across your partner base?
  • When to use LEAN / Six Sigma
  • Measuring and analysing improvements

As with all Corporate IT Forum workshops, the final agenda will be shaped by delegates to match their specific business needs. The workshop is aimed at specialists but anyone with an interest in these areas will benefit.

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"Just wanted to say thanks; another great day where I have come out with more knowledge than I entered with"

"Many thanks; [the event was] very good and beneficial"

"I have never not found a day interesting"

"The Corporate IT Forum is a fantastic level check, free of vendor sell and consultancy hype. I like the open sharing of experience…"

"We get valuable knowledge and experience from members of The Corporate IT Forum. This helps us to make better and informed decisions to reach our business goals…"

"The knowledge from other people on what they are doing/have done is invaluable to my team"

"The workshop validated the marketplace for supplier apps; participants were of a uniformly high standard; personally, I value highly the ethos of the Forum in the fact that it is supplier independent"

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Workshops are the backbone of The Forum. Nothing can compare to a group of IT professionals debating and exchanging experience of a specific, defined topic in a confidential environment. Workshops deliver insightful, real life information that helps members achieve their objectives, deliver projects and build relationships with other organisations.

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