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Oracle Licensing - Rapid Response Workshop

Feedback from Corporate IT Forum members has highlighted that many are currently experiencing issues with Oracle around the licensing of its products and services.


  1. Presentation - SoftwareONE (Presentation)
  2. Oracle Licensing (Top Tips)
  3. Oracle Licensing (Executive Summary)
  4. Oracle Licensing (Report)


Due to Oracle's complex rules, protracted audit and costly penalties for non-conformity and change, members have requested a rapid response Oracle Licensing workshop to discuss the problems, explore them further, and propose solutions or plans of action to mitigate any escalation or potential future difficulties.


Register for the workshop now to draw on the experience of your corporate IT peers and the expertise of external Licence Management consultants to strengthen your audit and licence renegotiation position. Within a confidential environment, you can compare preparations, negotiations and experiences, and better understand the workings of Oracle’s licensing models and audit processes from the perspective of an independent licensing expert.

This workshop is in fast-track development so if you would like to join, please register on the website now or submit discussion topics for the agenda.

Who should attend

The workshop is aimed at Oracle customers involved with licensing, audits and procurement but any current or prospective Oracle customers with an interest in these areas will benefit.


  • Presentation by SoftwareONE UK: Licencing, Compliance and Auditing
  • Evaluating licensing models and options - Virtualisation, Cloud
  • Understanding and mitigating additional costs
  • Negotiation and re-negotiation best practice
  • Audit preparation and process

To optimise the agenda development process, please complete a short 'barometer' survey about your current licensing position and challenges. This information will be held as confidential and used only to understand current issues and their extent. Please fill-in the survey here.


Unparalleled Learning

Members Include

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"Just wanted to say thanks; another great day where I have come out with more knowledge than I entered with"

"Many thanks; [the event was] very good and beneficial"

"I have never not found a day interesting"

"The Corporate IT Forum is a fantastic level check, free of vendor sell and consultancy hype. I like the open sharing of experience…"

"We get valuable knowledge and experience from members of The Corporate IT Forum. This helps us to make better and informed decisions to reach our business goals…"

"The knowledge from other people on what they are doing/have done is invaluable to my team"

"The workshop validated the marketplace for supplier apps; participants were of a uniformly high standard; personally, I value highly the ethos of the Forum in the fact that it is supplier independent"

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Workshops are the backbone of The Forum. Nothing can compare to a group of IT professionals debating and exchanging experience of a specific, defined topic in a confidential environment. Workshops deliver insightful, real life information that helps members achieve their objectives, deliver projects and build relationships with other organisations.

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