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Microsoft: Self Managing, Dynamic Systems - Beyond Virtualisation?



Self Managing, Dynamic Systems - Have you looked beyond Virtualisation?

Microsoft has a vision of Self Managing, Dynamic Systems (SMDS):
SIMPLIFYING the IT environment
MANAGING across the entire infrastructure (including non-Windows servers & apps)
REDUCING management costs
IMPROVING reliability & availability
INCREASING business agility and responsiveness

What does this mean for the Business?

  • What tools and solutions are already in development or planned to fulfil this vision?
  • How will today's products - such as VMWare - fare in terms of compatibility and integration?
  • Will help and support be available during transition or migration?
  • What are the business advantages for corporations investing in this today?

tif. subscribers have urged Microsoft to reveal more of its corporate technology roadmap. This exposition of SMDS and accompanying virtualisation technical surgery, is a prime opportunity to examine this key supplier's short and medium term strategy and to comment, question, challenge and react.


Workshop - Morning session

During the morning, Microsoft will present their overview of SMDS, detailing current and near-future technical components.

Technical Surgery - Afternoon session

To answer company specific technical issues and questions subscribers have, it is proposed that we hold a technical surgery, to which either those attending the AM session, or additional organisation representatives are invited.

Agenda Workshop - Morning session

  • Lowering the cost of management
  • Infrastructure optimisation
  • Where and how current management technologies fit
  • The role of virtualisation

Technical Surgery - Afternoon session
Delegates for this session are asked to outline their issues, in order that the requirement for the surgery is understood, and the appropriate expertise allocated.

Unparalleled Learning

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