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The Corporate IT Forum Workshops address specific issues as identified by members. They are designed by members for focused debates and are highly participative. They all aim to conclude with Best Practice Solutions, Insights and Tips derived from real life experiences of delivering best-in-class IT to the business.

Outputs include board papers, top tips and best practice guidelines. Search for them all here!

72 Past Activities found for 2009
Date Title Output
16 Dec 2009Efficient Data Centres
15 Dec 2009Business Continuity - Recovery After a Disaster
09 Dec 2009Availability & Capacity Management
02 Dec 2009Mobile Working: Device Choice and Services
01 Dec 2009Winning the war on eCrime - the fight continues
19 Nov 2009Real IT Awards Ceremony 2009
    No Output Expected
11 Nov 2009Business Analysis Methodologies
05 Nov 2009iPhone as a Business Tool? Continuation
    No Output Expected
04 Nov 2009iPhone as a Business Tool?
28 Oct 2009Security Information and Event Management
22 Oct 2009Embedding Enterprise Architecture into the Corporate Culture
20 Oct 2009e-evidence & e-discovery forum 2009
    No Output Expected
20 Oct 2009Desktop Strategies - Delivering business value
15 Oct 2009Business Intelligence the Key to Survival?
13 Oct 2009Continuous Performance Improvement (CPI): a powerful cost reduction technique
    No Output Expected
06 Oct 2009Supplier Rationalisation
30 Sep 2009Vulnerability and Patch Management
24 Sep 2009Evaluating Social Networks Monitoring Tools
15 Sep 2009Outsourcing: Surviving & Thriving
10 Sep 2009Benefits Realisation - Effective measurement & communication
09 Sep 2009Capita Conference - Developing a Collaborative Response to e-Crime
    No Output Expected
03 Sep 2009CPI Masterclass in collecting and analysing benchmark metrics
    No Output Expected
26 Aug 2009Project Management Office: proving the value
19 Aug 2009Proving the Value of People & Skills Development - Build a Balanced Scorecard!
13 Aug 2009Collapsing the Perimeter - The 'Plan' Way
11 Aug 2009Corporate access to social networking sites
28 Jul 2009Business Continuity Planning - facing up to new challenges
23 Jul 2009Take control of your Supplier Selection and Negotiation processes
16 Jul 2009Service Delivery in a Recession
15 Jul 2009CPI Best Practice Discussion Workshop: Strategies for IT success in a recession
14 Jul 2009De-Perimeterisation: A practical guide for enterprises
02 Jul 2009Establishing Effective SLAs II
01 Jul 2009Change, Configuration & Release Management: Achieving an Holistic Approach
30 Jun 2009Establishing Effective SLAs
25 Jun 2009IT Budgets & Business Relations in a Recession.
24 Jun 2009Data Warehouse Information - rationalising the legacy
23 Jun 2009Balancing strategic budget cuts against long term supplier relationships
10 Jun 2009PCI DSS: A Conference for Merchants
06 Jun 2009CPI Workshop
03 Jun 2009Strategic CSC Relationships
    No Output Expected
02 Jun 2009The Journey to World Class IT Service Delivery: Achieving World Class Excellence
    No Output Expected
21 May 2009Implementing Document and Record Management
20 May 2009IT in the Business - Adding Value Through Innovation
07 May 2009Using ISO 27000 as an IT Security Reference
    No Output Expected
23 Apr 2009IT Service Reporting - Creating 'a single point of truth'
22 Apr 2009Retaining and Developing the Right Skills
21 Apr 2009The Journey to World Class IT Service Delivery: Moving from Delivery Excellence to Management Excellence
    No Output Expected
20 Apr 2009A National Initiative examining "The Development of Enterprise IT Strategies"
    No Output Expected
15 Apr 2009Stakeholder Engagement: Feedback Post-project
02 Apr 2009Offshore Application Development and Support
31 Mar 2009Supplier Relationship Management - Pulling together to achieve best business benefits
25 Mar 2009Data Loss Prevention - how secure is your estate?
18 Mar 2009Developing Resource Capability for the Future - Workshop 2
18 Mar 2009'The Economy - Implications' - CIO Level Discussion Group
    No Output Expected
17 Mar 2009'The Economy - Implications' - Networking Dinner
    No Output Expected
16 Mar 2009Voltage Optimisation
12 Mar 2009Developing Green IT Metrics - The Pilot Review Workshop
    No Output Expected
10 Mar 2009Collaboration Oriented Architectures
05 Mar 2009Transforming End-to-End Service Reporting
24 Feb 2009CSO Forum: The role of industry in developing a national response to ecrime
18 Feb 2009Maximising the Value from IT Infrastructure
17 Feb 2009The Journey to World Class IT Service Delivery: The Transition from Operational Excellence to Delivery Excellence
    No Output Expected
13 Feb 2009Squeezing the Value Out of SAP
10 Feb 2009Lotusphere: Highlights from 2009
04 Feb 2009Optimising the effectiveness of your Project Management Toolset
03 Feb 2009Social Networks - Friend or Foe?
21 Jan 2009Corporate Visual Collaboration Solutions
20 Jan 2009Identity Management: Current Frontiers and a Challenging Future
15 Jan 2009The Journey to World Class IT Service Delivery
    No Output Expected
14 Jan 2009Business Cases: The Key to Success
13 Jan 2009Is Virtualisation measuring up to expectations?
08 Jan 2009Distributed Infrastructure: Delivering Flexibility
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