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The Corporate IT Forum Workshops address specific issues as identified by members. They are designed by members for focused debates and are highly participative. They all aim to conclude with Best Practice Solutions, Insights and Tips derived from real life experiences of delivering best-in-class IT to the business.

Outputs include board papers, top tips and best practice guidelines. Search for them all here!

53 Past Activities found for 2005
Date Title Output
13 Dec 2005The Service Desk Insource/Outsource Debate
07 Dec 2005Is RFID Ready to Deliver?
23 Nov 20051st Retail Security Discussion
17 Nov 2005Server Virtualisation - Realising its Full Potential
09 Nov 2005Security and Relationships with Suppliers
03 Nov 2005Can Server Virtualisation Really Pay
    No Output Expected
02 Nov 2005Managing & Benchmarking Offshore Suppliers of Application Development
20 Oct 2005Microsoft's New SA - Assessing The Implications
19 Oct 2005Convergence - Big wins in switching to IP based communications services?
18 Oct 2005How to Turn Security Policies into Practice
11 Oct 2005CSC Strategic Supplier Relationship Group 2
    No Output Expected
06 Oct 2005Innovation: Models & Processes in IT
04 Oct 2005The Mobile Organisation - Wireless Connectivity & Reliability
29 Sep 2005Global Issues Surgery
27 Sep 2005Meeting Auditing and Regulatory Requirements
27 Sep 2005Is Your Wireless Network Really As Secure As You Think?
    No Output Expected
25 Sep 2005CPI Best Practice Discussion
21 Sep 2005Mergers & Acquisitions - Dealing with the Aftermath: Part 1 Application Rationalisation
16 Sep 2005The What, How & Who of Developing I.T. Business Executives for the Future
18 Aug 2005Blade Servers: Ready for Business Critical Applications?
28 Jul 2005Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing - How can we make it work for You?
20 Jul 2005Global IT Procurement
14 Jul 2005Information Lifecycle Management - Controlling Data
13 Jul 2005Internal Account Management: Aligning IT with the Business
06 Jul 2005Running a Global IT Organisation
    No Output Expected
05 Jul 2005Identity & Access Management
21 Jun 2005Relationships With I.T. Suppliers - Better Business Partnerships
    No Output Expected
08 Jun 2005Project Management Office - Asset or Hindrance?
25 May 2005Mobile Security
19 May 2005Best Practice Frameworks: Measuring Process Model Maturity (CMMI)
12 May 2005Hardware Asset Management
10 May 2005Balanced Scorecards for Supplier Management
    No Output Expected
20 Apr 2005Financial Regulatory Compliance: A Perspective on Internal Systems & Business Processes
20 Apr 2005Giving your IT Department an MOT
    No Output Expected
14 Apr 2005Securing the Enterprise - Identity Management with Microsoft
12 Apr 2005Pushing Security Up The Agenda
07 Apr 2005ITIL - Configuration Management
07 Apr 2005Outsourcing Master Class
    No Output Expected
16 Mar 2005Developing a Data Warehouse and Exploiting its Data
09 Mar 2005ITIL - Service Desk
08 Mar 2005Giving Structure to the Future
03 Mar 2005Planning the tISS Programme of Activities & A Briefing on Emerging Security Threats
01 Mar 2005Supplier Management & Outsourcing
    No Output Expected
23 Feb 2005Key Factors for Choosing the Right Project Management Tools
16 Feb 2005Cross Border Security & Legislation
16 Feb 2005The Freedom of Information Act
26 Jan 2005ITIL - Incident Management
20 Jan 2005Bringing broadband home. What's the impact of remote use on the business?
19 Jan 2005Open Source for Strategic Thinkers
19 Jan 2005Upgrading Email - What are the Options?
13 Jan 2005Network Defence Layering with Cisco Systems
13 Jan 2005Developing the Next I.T. Business Leaders
11 Jan 2005Help / Service Desk
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