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Measuring and Maximising Value from Research Providers

Maximising Your ROI from Gartner, Forrester and The Forum

"Benefits are difficult to quantify when you are talking about something that is really about learning. But, one of the things that I am absolutely convinced of is that if we don't learn we are not going to keep up with the competition."
John Harris, Chief Architect and VP of Global IT Strategy, GSK, February 2012



Measuring value from research providers and driving those resources throughout the Business is critical to maximising your ROI. What is the best way of doing this? How do you measure and maximise value, and, indeed, is it possible to put a monetary value on research usage? How can you best get value from research and training resources such as Corporate IT Forum membership or a Gartner subscription?

Research-based information is of greatest value when it is shared appropriately and applied effectively within an organisation. How do you build an internal community to share information? And importantly - how do you ensure buy-in from the business that research is necessary and useful?

Dr Tony Law, today's facilitator, will respond to the discussion from his prior experience in a global company, and development work undertaken more recently. There will be opportunity to continue conversations after the formal close of the event


Foreign and Commonwealth Office


Join peers to discover the most effective use and promotion of resources from bodies such as the Forum, Gartner and Forrester.

Who should attend

Corporate IT strategists with responsibility for or an interest in maximising value from usage of External Research Provider resource.


The final agenda will be developed through consultation amongst delegates - provisional discussion areas include:

  • Member experience report - Foreign and Commonwealth Office, John Shearer
  • Getting buy-in from the business that research is necessary and useful
  • Who are the research providers of choice and why?
  • How best to derive value
    • Measuring value
  • Communication
    • Effectively promoting the resource to interested groups
    • Ensuring that knowledge gained is disseminated effectively
    • Presenting information in the preferred format for senior management in the Business
  • Tools required to support the dissemination of information

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